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making batik
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making batik fabrics

Batik is a traditional resist dye technique created in Java hundreds of years ago but still in use today. Because our fabric is made-by-hand one roll at a time there may be color variations from one dye lot to the next. Please do not consider this flawed or reject clothing. These variations only add to the artistic, handmade appeal of our clothing.

fabric care instructions

Our batik fabric has been tested in the United States for color fastness. We recommend all Pelangi Design clothing be washed separately or with like colors in cold water with mild detergent. Immediately dry separately or with like colors in the dryer on medium heat before being worn for the first time. Continue to wash clothing with like colors in cold water and mild detergent.

the process is simple

dyeing batik fabric

1. Color the fabric either by dipping or applying dye by hand in a desired pattern.

batik stamping

2. Stamp the fabric motif onto white or dyed dry fabric with hot wax and a special copper batik stamp. The hot wax is absorbed into the fabric and through to the other side.

dipping fabric

3. Dip the fabric into a dye bath or hand paint dye onto the fabric background. The wax acts as a resist. The dye is absorbed into the fabric only where there is no wax.

boiling batik fabric

4. Boil the fabric to melt out all the wax.

batik drying

5. Dry and fix the fabric colors.
VOILA! A colorful hand dyed fabric created by an age-old Indonesian technique.